Arthritis comes on in the 20s today. Weak bones, lack of calcium, lack of adequate training can be attributed to many reasons such as obesity. The more spicy foods we eat in particular, the faster the fast foods increase the greater the dryness in the muscles. Thus weakening and tightening the surrounding muscle fibres that protect the joints. Also, the bones rub against each other causing swelling and pain.
The food we eat is also responsible for this joint pain. Eating too many cold foods in the winter can lead to increased risk of arthritis, nerve damage, arthritis and rheumatism. With good exercise and diet, our traditional folk remedies can get rid of joint pain permanently. Let's see more about them Remedy- 1 Drink a mixture of one teaspoon of hazelnut oil, one teaspoon of ghee, half a teaspoon of ginger juice, half a teaspoon of lemon juice and a little bit of cane juice daily at night helps to reduce arthritis and inflammation in the joints. Remedy- 2 This is the easiest remedy to mix half a spoon of pure kerosene with warm milk and drink it at night to speed up the digestive energy. The argument will also be bound. Remedy- 3 5tsp ginger juice, half a tsp cumin, a pinch of rock salt, black salt, cumin powder and black pepper powder mixed with butter daily to reduce joint pain and back pain Remedy- 4 Ice cubes at the site of pain Can be placed. Put an ice pack on for 10 minutes. Applying ice packs at least four times a day gradually, starting once a day, will reduce joint pain in a few days. Remedy- 5 Boil the chukka in water and drink the water while it is still warm. Or you can dip ginger in hot water and drink it after it cools down. Drinking whey daily in the morning can reduce diarrhoea and arthritis. It helps increase digestive energy and reduces inflammation of the joints. Remedy- 6 Soak a spoonful of black sesame seeds in a little water overnight and drink that water the next morning to reduce joint pain. Calcium is available to the body. Remedy- 7 Heat coconut oil or mustard oil lightly and grind excess camphor. Once the camphor is completely dissolved, rubbing it well on the joints will reduce the pain. Bitter gourd: Bitter gourds, like zucchini and zucchini, cures arthritis. Take them daily or 4 days a week. Carbohydrate foods: Barley with chapatti made from wheat, starchy rice porridge, lentils and beans should be included in the diet. Freeze-dried spinach: Adding drumstick spinach and frozen spinach daily or 4 days a week can permanently protect you from joint pain and rheumatism. Dairy foods: Eat foods such as milk, yogurt, butter and cheese daily. These relieve pain in the joints. Fish: Protein-rich foods such as lentils and fish must be added daily. Protein foods strengthen muscle fibres. Adding lentils to the diet daily can help relieve joint pain caused by obesity. Algae soup: Boil algae with garlic and make soup and sprinkle pepper on it for better relief. It relieves pain. Protects against rheumatic problems. Chronic Joint Pain Exercise: Exercise or walk daily. It is important to do this regularly. Practice yoga in daily life. Increases blood flow around the bundle when done daily. The affected cells are repaired and regenerated. As the muscles strengthen, the swelling of the joints begins to decrease. Ingredients to be included in the diet: Add enough ghee or oil and cook the food daily. Eat nutritious foods such as milk, rice, mutton soup and sweet, sour or salty foods. Things to do: Lifting the knee as high as possible can reduce swelling. You can sleep with pillows under or between the joints. This avoids stress on the joints. Things to avoid: Avoid actions that increase pain. Avoid climbing stairs too much when there is a pain in the joints. Avoid sitting down and eating (note - only those with joint damage).