Why hula hoop?

This year has really been anything but normal so far. From now on, the majority of you have been working from home. For some, the desk at home has become a permanent place to work. Because in order to master the situation, home office concepts have been developed in many companies that are intended to prevent too many colleagues in the office. And it's actually nice and comfortable at home too. The distances are short, especially the way to the refrigerator or sofa. Your body must have already told you that you are missing the usual movement sequences. Not only the seat meat has strengthened, the back and neck also have to struggle with the increased loss of movement. And here is exactly the point that you can train with chilled out hula hoops at home: your core.

The best time for training

That's the great thing about hooping or hooping: there is simply no wrong time for it. You can always insert the training or schedule it when it suits you. Others would take a break from smoking, you swing your hips. Or you take the opportunity to swap your own smoking truck for the hula hoop. Your body and your health will thank you. Even after your working day - whether in the living room or at the company - you can integrate a few minutes of the hula hoop. Since the sport is particularly quiet, at least when you don't drop the tire, you can also train perfectly while binge watching your favourite series.

This is how you do it right

Hula Hoop is not like riding a bicycle: Once you can do it, you won't forget it. The fact is, your body is very likely not as flexible as it was in your childhood or as a teenager. This inevitably means that you are starting from scratch. With a little patience, you will quickly get the hang of it. All you need are non-slip, lightweight sports shoes, a fitted sports outfit and a tire. So that pants and sleeves don't get in the way of the hula-hoop, it's better not to use a baggy sweater. Tires are available in all variants: with and without massage nubs, flexible, as a plug-in system or in one cast, made of wood or plastic. The best thing to do is to try it out in the sports shop and find the one that feels best for you. if you have your tire, off you go: Put your feet hip-width apart. You can also use a light don't lunge too big. And what to do with the poor? You hold it at an angle at chest level so that the tire doesn't hit your elbows or hands. Be careful not to cramp your shoulders. Let it loose and find a good, relaxed position for the arms. 

The perfect swing

Don't make the mistake of trying to get the tire moving with circular hip movements. This is not going to work. In order to swing the tire properly in motion, place it at waist height and hold it with both hands. Then you give him a good shovel. You can practice this a few times to get started before the next step follows. If your hula hoop has the perfect start swing, move your hips back and forth. It must not circle, then the tire immediately falls to the ground. Slowly get used to the new training feeling and start with short sections. One minute of training, one minute of rest. As soon as you feel confident in the movements, increase the training time. You should rather avoid wearing crop tops at the beginning of your training. The unusual swaying of the tire and the pressure on the skin are likely to lead to nasty bruises. They'll wear off, but until then, give your skin a break. Bruises hurt, and training isn't fun again until they're gone.

Best hula Hoop

The benefits of the hula hoop

Yes, exercise releases happiness hormones, but the hula hoop has an even more decisive advantage: it does not put stress on the joints. So if you have problems jogging, you have found a perfect alternative with hooping at home. Of course, this also means that exercise with the fitness tire is really suitable for everyone, regardless of age. The hula hoop is a perfect whole body workout. It strengthens the back muscles, which every office dweller suffers, but is also really good for problem areas. With Hula Hoop you can get your effective abdominal, legs and buttocks training comfortably at home. You boost your metabolism and fat burning and increase your endurance. Do you like to be in a company while exercising? That is also no problem. Grab a partner and find a sufficiently large room in which you can both swing your tires. In dry weather, hooping in the fresh air is of course really fun. The good thing here is that even more can train together. So there is nothing wrong with starting a neighbourhood sports group.