We think of hand and foot lameness as an abuse of the elderly. But people who work long hours sitting in one place can have this problem, says Kannan, a specialist in brain and neurology. He talks about the cause, symptoms and treatments for hand and foot cramps.
There are many causes for a person to have limbs. Disc slipping in the spinal cord and pressing on the nerve can cause hand and foot cramps. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can also lead to damage to the nerves in the hands and feet, vitamin B12 deficiency, calcium deficiency and thyroid hormone deficiency.
This is less likely to occur in people under the age of 30. At the same time, load workers, those who drive continuously for long periods of time, those who work 10 hours or more continuously sitting still, and those who are depressed may also come.
 Hand and foot cramps are more common in women between the ages of 30 and 50. The reasons for this are menopause, motherhood, overwork, anaemia, thyroid hormone deficiency, etc. It is less likely to be inherited. The fact that a person has a rash on the hands and feet can indicate the symptoms that appear on the body. Irritation appears at the base of the foot ... gradually increasing to the knee.
When sleeping at night, the carp will look like it is being dragged on its feet. The arms and legs become numb before the rash occurs. People with diabetes may feel like a needle in a haystack. Women with this symptom may have hip pain and headaches. Some people may have insomnia. Daily chores cannot be done properly. Eye nerve damage, kidney damage, and hair loss caused by diabetes and thyroid problems are also included.
Gabapentin, Pregabalin and painkillers can cure hand and foot cramps by taking vitamin pills as advised by a neurologist and by controlling blood sugar levels through medication. It is essential to walk 5 days a week and do at least 30 minutes of simple exercises.
It is beneficial for people suffering from hand and foot ailments to eat easily digestible boiled food, porridge, oil-free wheat bread, black gram, dill-based foods and juices. Avoid potato varieties, salty foods and fatty foods. Do not add too much salt in the diet. Do not take the pills on your own without consulting a doctor.
Medicated oils, ointments and sprays can be used with a doctor's guidance. Thus temporary relief is likely to be available. It is necessary to take scans and X-rays for hand and foot sprains caused by spinal cord injury. This deficiency can be corrected by investigating the cause of the problem and following the appropriate treatment as advised by the neurologist